Closure Unified Documents (Cudocs)

In simple terms Cudocs says that: Everything is trees and transformations applied to those trees represent programs.

Take CSS rules, HTML mark-up and JavaScript manipulation of the DOM on the client. All trees and transformations. On the server, the data model, queries on the data model, the processing into view data and rendering all fit under the Cudocs umbrella of trees and transformations.

With Cudocs, JaernCloud unifies all levels, well almost, of a web application into a single coherent language and syntax. This, combined with the language features of JaernCloud, has some rather desirable consequences:
  • Refactoring support across model, view and controller resulting in fewer site breaking code changes
  • Verifiable navigation, presentation and model access
  • Less “plumbing code” and better abstraction through a dedicated language and syntax
  • Exceptions that make sense for the problem domain
  • Overall better code quality and productivity

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