This page contains ideas for future directions of JaernCloud

Live Editing

Given the nature of Cudocs each node in the final markup can be traced back to its parent nodes. This could potentially make something like live editing in say Firebug possible. Change the HTML or CSS in Firebug, apply it to the source. Would require some kind of Firefox/Firebug extension. I've been wanting to do this many times during development!

Live Translation

A specialization of live editing with focus on translation of bundle nodes. The idea is to allow translators to look at a development site and have them type the translation directly into the site using their browser. There should be tooling support for determining where bundles still need translation. This tooling could rely on the Node Source Query Future.

Node Source Query

Node Source Query is an extension of the JaernCloud language to provide Static code analysis query capabilities on top of the source files to answer questions about the structure of the code.

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