JaernCloud Roadmap

This page provides a high-level roadmap for the development of JaernCloud. We will continually update this as we progress and post releases to the CodePlex site.

We're looking for developers and people to contribute!
The language specification and implementation is still in its early stages. Comments, questions and suggestions are encouraged.

Current state of the code - 2010-10-24

Development is active on the 0.1-alpha version. The code base has reached a state where a working example of the ajax counter is supported with a model in session scope. Conversation scope is pending using MVC2 Controller TempData. No release has been made, the current code base is aimed at developers and contributors.

Current state of the documentation - 2010-11-03

An early draft of the JaernCloud Language Introduction is available from the Documentation page.

Alpha 0.1

Alpha 0.1 release is pending the following:
  • Grammar support for Queries/LINQ
  • Implementing Queries/LINQ in the type and runtime system
  • Basic highlighting of JaernCloud source files in the Visual Studio Extension.
  • View engine alpha implementation for MVC2/3

Alpha 0.2

  • Model persistence to SQL and No SQL repositories
  • Completion in VS Extension

Alpha 0.3

  • Grammar support for validation
  • Implementing validation in the type and runtime system

Alpha 0.4

  • C# Services and dependency injection

Future releases

Details on future release will be added to this page as they are scheduled.

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