JaernCloud Visual Studio 2010 Integration

Language Service

The language service provides Visual Studio 2010 language support for JaernCloud. Two of the prominent features are:
  • Node insight
  • Convention over Configuration insight
And of course the "usual suspects":
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Completion
  • Error highlighting
  • Refactoring
  • Find references etc.

Node insight

Node insight expands on the traditional "plain old text editor" and makes node references available at the current node. For example, if I'm editing a view node with the cursor at the body node, and I let the cursor sit there for a moment, the head node from the html reference can be viewed right there. The html node can be expanded and clicking it will navigate to the declaration.

Dynamic nodes can also be viewed when the apply to the node at the current insertion point in the editor. On example of this is being able to view applicable css rules for the current node. Another case is the errors node.


Convention over Configuration insight

If possible the integration module should help the developer understand where convention over configuration is in effect. Additionally it should display places in the editor or solution explorer where behavior can be tailored.

Syntax highlighting


  • Node selectors
  • Built-in nodes
  • Keywords
  • Members
  • LINQ
  • C#
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • ... ?

Error highlighting

  • Invalid code, navigation, syntax etc.
  • Warnings for unused and/or unreachable code (for example unused css)


Example of adding a css node under a div tag. The editor can suggest to refactor the css node into a css#id node and suggest the node selector.

Find references etc.

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