JaernCloud Web Development Framework

The web framework expands on the core language capabilities and implementation node behavior such as rendering and inheritance for


Rendering in response to a request is achieved by matching a request URL mapping to a view node. The view node is rendered as the root of the response, typically by inheritance from the html node, but json and xml is also supported. The response is rendered by recursively traversing the view in a depth first fashion. Each node is transformed into its final form by resolving node inheritance, evaluating logic, expanding node queries. Once a node has been fully transformed any actions and event registrations can be rendered. One example of this is when an a anchor node has an attached Ajax action.

Ajax and Events

The web framework implements the client side scripting needed in order to make Ajax and events works.

Data Binding and Serialization

TODO (expect we'll rely on MVC2 for this?)
TODO (alternative is jquery and json as transport during POST)


Several mechanisms are supported for localization. At the core lies the ability to give string nodes a tag id, targeting them with tag selectors and finally adding child nodes. Read more about Localization

Web Object Scopes

The web framework adds the conversation object scope to the core object scopes in order to support temporary client side state. The session object scope is bound to the HTTP session state and the application object scope is bound to the HTTP application state

URL Routing

Url mappings are implemented on top of ASP.NET Routing using a convention over configuration approach.

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